Betamax Conversions

Betamax Transfers / Conversions start from just £15 (UK PAL only)

Tape Length Run Time PAL
L-125 125 ft 30 mins
L-165 165 ft 45 mins
L-250 250 ft 65 mins
L-370 370 ft 95 mins
L-500 500 ft 130 mins
L-750 750 ft 195 mins
L-830 830 ft 215 mins


The demise of Betamax in the UK left millions of Beta consumers with precious home video collections and no way to view them after ageing machines passed into disrepair. With the advent of digital technology we can now transfer those old Betamax tapes to DVD-R or DVD+R, Mini-DV tape, Digital 8, Hi-8 or VHS & VHS-C formats. (Sorry - we cannot transfer or convert NTSC or Secam Betamax tapes)

Tape Review Service

We know that after all of this time customers may not remember what is on the their tapes, this is why we offer a 'Review Service'. For a small fee of £10.00 per tape we will review and email to you an itemized list of content. (Note: If you require this particular service, please send your payment along with the tapes).

Example of Review:

Tape Repair Service

Don't throw those broken Betamax tapes away! There is a good chance we can repair and transfer them for you. Just send them along to us and we'll take a look and let you know what can be done. Repairs are from £5.00 per tape.

Timeline Service

Need to edit that Betamax tape? No problem. We can produce a VHS or DVD draft copy of your tape for you to preview and edit in the comfort of your own home. We transfer your Betamax tape to VHS tape or DVD, adding a timeline at the top of the video. We then supply you with an edit sheet & instructions on how to edit your movie. If you need us to edit the tape, editing is priced at 50 pence per edit. Simply fill out the editing sheet and return it to us and we'll produce your final production as instructed. It couldn't be easier!

Home Editing

If you prefer to physically edit your movies yourself on your PC we will be happy to convert / transfer your Betamax tapes to any of the following formats.

Mini-DV, Digital 8, Hi-8, VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, VCD, SVCD, MPEG2, MPEG1