8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm Film & Sound Transfer

Cine Conversions start from just £1.50 / minute

Specialised 9.5mm Cine Film Transfers

Telecine Conversion Process

Our telecine units transfer film images directly to digital format. This process converts the film, frame by frame, directly to digital format. This is then stored on high speed/capacity servers for further processing. The video file is then optimised for image quality, adjusting white balance, colour, contrast and brightness to bring out the best image possible.

The processes we use are designed to avoid many of the problems that are normally seen in lower quality cine conversions such as strobing, speed/frame rate synchronisation, frame cropping and colour distortion. Unlike old analogue processes, there is minimum loss of image quality.

Each step of the way film is manually monitored for optimum quality and consistency, and the whole operation is carried out from start to finish by dedicated and experienced staff.


We highly recommend having your films cleaned prior to transfer. This process removes 95% of all dirt, hair and dust on the film surface leaving a clean crisp image for viewing. In some cases, embedded dirt may not be able to be removed by this process. This process is included in the price of transfer.

Nine-five or 9.5mm

We are one of the few companies who have invested heavily in the design, production & purchase of new equipment capable of transferring the historic and delicate 9.5mm format.

9.5mm gauge was first introduced back in 1922, being the first 'amateur' format. Launched in France by the Pathe-Freres group, these films were mostly silent. The sprocket holes of the 9.5mm format run down the centre of the film between each frame. Pathescope used small black metal cartridges which contained the film whilst on the projector


Despite their age and because of their larger format, these films often produce better results than the later, more popular, 8mm film when converting to modern digital media.


We can also process the unusual Polaroid Polavision cassettes.

Key Benefits to our Cine Processing


Reel Size Run Time (approx)
3 Inch reel (50ft) 4 mins 00 secs
4 Inch reel (100ft) 8 mins 00 secs
5 Inch reel (200ft) 16 mins 00 secs
6 Inch reel (300ft) 24 mins 00 secs
7 Inch reel (400ft) 32 mins 00 secs


Reel Size Run Time (approx)
6 Inch reel (300ft) 10 mins 00 secs

Super 8mm

Reel Size Run Time (approx)
3 Inch reel (50ft) 3 mins 30 secs
4 Inch reel (100ft) 7 mins 00 secs
5 Inch reel (200ft) 14 mins 00 secs
6 Inch reel (300ft) 21 mins 00 secs
7 Inch reel (400ft) 28 mins 00 secs


Reel Size Run Time (approx)
400ft 11 mins 06 secs
1000ft 27 mins 46 secs