DVD-R & DVD+R Compatibility

The Formats

The DVD-R (DVD minus R) format has been around for some time now, having been the only one of three formats approved by the DVD Forum and adopted by most of the major DVD set-top manufacturers as the standard format. The other two main recordable DVD formats are - DVD+R (DVD plus R), & DVD-RAM. Both of these formats are supported to varying degrees by mainstream manufacturers, but DVD-R is by far the most popular. We support and supply all three options.

The Issues

Even so, there are a few set-top players and Laptop PC's still having problems reading Recordable DVD's, both DVD-R & DVD+R, although these now tend to be older models. In most cases the problem manifests itself as 'pixelation' or 'freezing' of the picture. These problems can almost always be overcome. Alternative blank stock with different dye types cure most problems, and recording to one or the other format resolves others. Simply allowing the disc to cool down before replaying is also a common solution.

Some of the reasons for this kind of behaviour include:

The Solutions

Before going ahead with your DVD conversion you may want to check the following:

Remember, 95% of players are compatible and WILL play the discs perfectly. Others may play them, but perhaps with an occasional 'freeze' or 'pixelation' of the picture. Very few players will not play them at all. Because of the issues explained above, we (or any other production company) cannot guarantee 100% compatibility.

We use only quality Disks...... The Panasonic DVD's we use are, in our opinion, one of the most compatible disks around (see above). The disks use an advanced version of dye and have an amazing compatibility with all consoles and 95% of set-top DVD players.

DVD-R Compatibility List

If you have first hand experience with any DVD player that is not on the list below and would like to add it to our list, please let us know the model etc and it's DVD-R compatibility rating by emailing info@eastcoastservices.biz

Here is another helpful site on DVD-R compatibility DVDRHelp

Because of the much lower percentage of DVD+R players on the market, we have not listed them here. However, a good resource on this format and compatibility list can be found here DVDplusRW.org

Players Compatible with the DVD-R format