International Video & TV Standard Conversions

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NTSC - National Television System Committee - 525 lines/60 frames per second
PAL - Phase Alternating Line - 625 lines/50 frames per second
SECAM - Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire - 625 lines/50 frames per second



In the UK, most new players have the capability of playing both PAL and NTSC (American) standard tapes. However, players in the USA are not normally dual standard, so a tape recorded here in the UK will need to be converted before someone in the USA will be able to view it.

Play/Record Speed

There is also a difference in the playing/recording speeds of these tapes. The conversion chart below shows the difference this makes in recording/playing times for any given tape.

Tape Label Tape Length (meters) Runtime (PAL/SECAM) Runtime (NTSC)
E30 45 m 30 mins 22 mins
E60 88 m 60 mins 44 mins
E90 130 m 90 mins 65 mins
E120 173 m 120 mins 86 mins
E180 258 m 180 mins 129 mins
E240 346 m 240 mins 173 mins
T20 44 m 28 mins 20 mins
T30 64 m 42 mins 30 mins
T45 94 m 63 mins 45 mins
T60 125 m 84 mins 60 mins
T90 185 m 126 mins 90 mins
T120 246 m 169 mins 120 mins
T160 326 m 225 mins 160 mins

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