Cine Film

Cine film Conversions make it easy for you to relive those cherished moments. We can convert your 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm & Polavision film into high quality digital video. Not sure what's on your film? No problem, just ask for our 'Timeline' service which allows you to edit & direct your production from the comfort of your own home. Prices start from just £1.50 per minute! Betamax Conversions We can convert your Beta (Betamax, Betacord, Beta HiFi, Betamovie) images to VHS, DVD, Digital 8 or Mini-DV for viewing or home editing on your PC. Perhaps you're not sure what is on your tapes, no problem; we can provide you with a Review Service where we review and itemize your Betamax tapes so you know exactly what is on them before any transfer begins (just in case little Johnny taped over your favourite Live Concert!). Conversions to DVD start from just £12.00 per Tape.

Home Video to DVD

As VHS quickly becomes obsolete it's time to think about saving your precious home videos onto a stable digital format for future generations. For as little as £7.50 per Tape, we can produce an exact copy of your home videos onto DVD.

Audio Tape

2 & 4 Track 1/4 inch Reel to Reel, Steno & Cassette Audio conversions Just like old cine film, these recordings are priceless and should be preserved in a format that is both stable and current. We can convert 2 & 4 track audio tapes (1 7/8ips, 3 3/4ips, 7 1/2ips or 15ips) to CD or DVD. We can also edit, enhance and mix audio output if necessary. Restore and revive those special moments. Reel-to-Reel: £12.00 per Hour.


LP's, 78's and 45's transferred to CD Take care of your cherished record collection and archive your delicate vinyl's while you listen to your favourite tracks on the more convenient CD format. We can professionally clean, enhance (if necessary), and transfer your vinyl or shellac (78's) records to CD or DVD. Basic Conversion - from £12.00 per Record.

Foreign Formats

Foreign Video Format Conversions If you send tapes overseas then you are quite likely to need those tapes converting into a format that the country operates on. The three primary world TV formats are PAL, SECAM and NTSC. This service will produce an exact copy of your tape in the format required for that country. Transfer to DVD just £18.00 per Hour.