Other Services

Digital Photo Transfers

We can transfer your digital photos (Compact Flash I or II, Micro Drive, Secure Digital, Mini SD, Multimedia, RS-MMC, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo and Pro, XD Card) to any format, including DVD-R or DVD+R, Mini-DV, CD-R, or we can simply make prints for you! Transfers to CD - From £12 per Memory Card/Stick

Digital File Recovery

Accidentally deleted or need to recover a deleted digital audio, movie or image file? No problem - we can Recover and Rewrite to any format.

From £12

CD & DVD Repairs/Recovery

We also specialise in repairing and restoring damaged DVD's, music CDs or games that have become scratched or worn with age. The processes and systems we use are the very latest in technology and are designed for high volume repair of even the most badly scratched discs. Perfect scratch repair that make your disks look and play like new.

There are certain problems with discs that we (or anyone else) cannot fix. Discs that have been chipped, cracked, warped, or with bad damage to the label side or data foil cannot be repaired.

Process can be applied to CDs, VCDs, DVDs, CD-Roms, CD-RWs and game discs - (single side only)

Prices start from £6.00 for a single disc and go up to £26.45 for 10 discs. Larger orders can be accommodated.

Number of Discs Repaired Price
1 £6.00
2 £8.78
3 £12.02
4 £13.39
5 £16.09
6 £19.14
7 £21.92
8 £23.31
9 £25.90
10 £26.45

Audio and Video Tape Repairs

No need to throw those broken tapes away anymore. They can be repaired and transferred to a another tape or even another format. We repair both analogue and digital audio and video tapes. We'll advise you of the best solution at the best price. From £6.00

Photo Restoration, retouching and editing

Apart from life being unusually hard on old photographs, there are times when an otherwise perfect photo is ruined by something in the background. That great shot of your daughter - except for the telegraph pole growing out of her head! With digital technology we can 'fix' almost any problem on a print. We can restore old and torn photos to near original condition and we can even make people disappear!!

Photo, negative and 35mm Slide Transfer to CD or Video

View all your favourite slides and photos at home or at work by simply dropping the CD or Tape into the player. With our CD slide show, your photos and slides will appear automatically one after another on the Screen. We can even include titles and information. If you need to print your images from the CD, we can create high resolution CD copies at 2700dpi. Perfect for large format printing.

As good as computers are, none can automatically adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast to produce the perfect image. It takes a human eye to be able to recognise and adjust for optimum quality. That's why we do not support or offer fully automated slide conversions.