Home Video to DVD Transfers

Video to DVD - from £7.50 per Tape


The advent and popularity of digital video has flagged the demise of VHS which will soon become a format of the past, and eventually obsolete. As a long-term archive medium, VHS is both unstable and of a fairly low picture quality compared to it's digital rival.


For as little as £7.50 per Tape we can transfer/convert your tapes directly to DVD. You will have an exact copy of your home videos on DVD. For a little extra, you can add menus & chapters that will take you straight to the main points on your favourite home videos. See our Price List for details.


It's also time to transfer all of those old VHS-C and Super VHS tapes too! These formats have gone the same way as VHS now.

Mini DV & Digital 8 Tapes

If you have a large collection of Mini-DV or Digital 8 tapes, why not get them authored to DVD so you have can have a complete timeline of family history on one stable format?

Tape Review

Some people may not know for sure what their tapes contain. For this reason, we offer a 'Review Service'. For a small fee of £18.00 per Hour we will review and email an itemized list of content. (Note: If you require this particular service, please send your payment along with the tapes).

Tape Repairs

Just send them along to us and we'll take a look and let you know what can be done. There is a good chance we can repair them! Repairs start at just £12 per tape.

Home Editing

If you prefer to edit your movies yourself we will be happy to transfer your tapes to any of the following formats. Mini-DV, Digital 8, Hi-8, VCD, SVCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4 (various formats available inc. Ipad, Ipod, Apple TV. Itunes)