Transfer your old records, 78's & LP's to Digital CD

Audio Transfers start from just £12.00

Professional Deep Cleaning of records for just £2.50

Just like old cine films, old family recordings are also susceptible to wear and tear by use and by environmental conditions. We specialise in the preservation of precious recordings for prosperity and can also transfer / convert the content of your family albums to CD, allowing you to enjoy your recordings without damaging them.

We can transfer the old instantaneous discs such as: Wicox-Gay Recordio Discs (WGRD); Presto; Duodisc; Audiodiscs; and Recoton discs. Even the old seaside booth disks that were so popular in the 60's......

We offer:

Experience those old favourites in the comfort of your home, car, or just about anywhere you like with the flexibility of CD format, as an Audio CD, or MP3 Tracks.

Packaging and Delivery

We supply customised packaging materials that are purpose-made for transporting and protecting your records. We can also arrange a courier service to pick them up safely from your door and deliver them to ours! You can be confident that your items are as safe as we can possibly make them. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time for us to deliver your packaging materials, then contact us to arrange for courier pick-up once your materials are safely packed - Tel 0845 6441975

The Process

Professional Wet/Dry Cleaning - Highly recommended!

Fine particles of dirt trapped deep within the record grooves are one of the worst enemies of vinyl and alternative recording materials. Foreign deposits such as grease from fingerprints, smoke, stains, mildew and dust can seriously detract from the sound quality and your enjoyment. It can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on both your records and your equipment. That's why we offer a safe, industry standard, professional deep cleaning service. Only air and professional cleaning fluid ever comes into contact with the surface of your record during the cleaning process. No abrasive materials ever touch your records and the label is fully protected at all times during the process. Cleaned records will not only look good, but will actually attract less dirt in the future, and sound good too. This service is available on it's own for those customers wishing to prolong the life and quality of their record collections, or as a preconditioning prior to transfer to CD, which we would recommend in ALL cases.

Transfer / Conversion

Once cleaned, your record is ready for conversion & transfer. Using professional quality sound processing equipment, the record is converted from its analogue format into digital format ready for processing. The primary aim at this stage is to capture as much of the original sound quality from your record as is physically and technically possible.

Compilation or Track Separation

As a basic service, your record is recorded as two separate files. One file for each side of your record. These two files can then be processed for noise reduction or audio enhancement if required, (see below) and finally transferred to CD. Continuous tracks like these are perfect if you simply want to listen to your audio track as you would the original recording. However, most people are used to selecting tracks from their CD's. This is why we offer Track Separation for those who request it. Each track is separately recorded so you can skip, rearrange or play your tracks as you please.

Enhancement / Noise Reduction

Even with careful cleaning, your record will almost certainly contain unwanted noise - even new records contain unwanted clicks & pops. The degree of noise depends very much on the condition of the record and previous use. However, using digital technology it is possible to seamlessly remove 99% of these annoyances and leave you with a pure audio track! This service is not mandatory, but it is included unless you specify otherwise, we know that some people want their recording to sound just like the Record - pops and clicks included!

CD Creation

Once the above processes are complete, the tracks are ready to be 'burned' onto our great looking 'Classic Record' CD using the latest technology (If track details are requested, normal Audio grade printable CD's are used).


All of the track information from the album and cover can be incorporated onto the CD or Cover if desired.

*LP = any multi-track or long play record *Single = any single track per side 7" record. EP's are priced as LP's